Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Welcome Sam to Humphrey House

Sam is an 11 year old Beagle mix. He has the larger body like a Basset Hound. He was surrendered due to his owner being homeless in addition to Sam needing emergency vet care for a large tumor on his leg.

This is Sam's story...

A woman was doing laundry at a laundromat when a homeless man walked in with Sam, an 11 year old Beagle. Sam had a sock wrapped around his front leg, which had a large, bleeding mass that smelled horrible (indicating likely a bad infection and necrotic tissue). The homeless shelter where the man had been staying would not allow pets, so Sam was not allowed inside (which was bad enough with the cold, but made worse with his leg). His owner desperately wanted to get Sam the medical care he needed and get him somewhere warm and safe. The good samaritan was moved by the man's plea and his love for his dog, so she promised him she would get help for Sam and find him a new home. He surrendered Sam to her.

Sam was taken to Homeward Bound Vet where they did surgery to remove the mass, but ended up needing to amputate his leg. As of now, he is recovering well.

Other than his leg, Sam seems to be in good health. He is neutered, heartworm negative, and his overall bloodwork looks good. They did not see any other health issues, and said he is the sweetest boy.

The good samaritan agreed to take Sam home after his surgery and said she can keep him temporarily while Sam is quiet and calm. Having an unexpected special needs dog is a little much for her with everything else she has going on right now. They needed to find him a foster or rescue ASAP so he can heal and recover in a safe, loving home.

We are eternally grateful that the good samaritan got Sam this far. Now Humphrey House for Homeless Animals will take over and foster Sam during his recovery until he finds his forever home.

Humphrey House for Homeless Animals is a small, foster-based rescue located in Baltimore, Maryland.

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