Thursday, December 30, 2021

Elf (Surgery Update)

Although surgery was more complicated than we had hoped for, surgery is complete and Elf is currently resting comfortably.

The pre-surgery X-ray showed that Elf also has a broken tail. (Something we could not see on his original X-ray.) It is broken at the base of his spine, but will not need further treatment as long as it doesn't bother him.

For Elf's hip, the surgeon tried to place the screw using a minimally invasive technique, but was unsuccessful. Elf's hip was to hard to maneuver, and a piece of the bone broke off. There was also a lot of scar tissue to get through, so they ended up having to make a full incision to complete the procedure. In the end, they were able to place the screw successfully, and Elf is currently resting comfortably.

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