Friday, November 4, 2022

Welcome Yoda to Humphrey House

Yoda (although he looks like a Gizmo to me ☺) is a 14 year old, 6 pound male Chihuahua who hasn't had it easy lately. He has been tossed from home to home over the last several years without any stability in his life. Most recently he was found in a trash bag, dirty and being eaten by fleas. His tail is a bony little nub that has obviously sustained trauma. A good samaritan took him in and eventually brought him to Humphrey House for Homeless Animals.

We can't change his past, but we are guaranteed to change his future! 💗

Yoda saw our vet today, and had a spa day. He received vaccines and had bloodwork done. Afterwards he had a soothing bath and nail trim. Our vet did note a small heart murmur and some dental tarter, but he is in overall good health for his age. We were able to confirm his age from a microchip that was implanted in 2015.

Yoda is a fragile little boy looking for a quiet retirement home. No young kids or hyper dogs. He is not a fan of cats either. Yoda is scared of loud noises, especially the sound of a trash bag. 😢

Humphrey House for Homeless Animals is located in Harford County, Maryland for meetings. Thank you!

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Humphrey House for Homeless Animals is a small, foster-based rescue located in Abingdon, Maryland.

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