Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Elf (Consultation Update)

Update on sweet little Elf. 💗

Elf had a consultation with the orthopedic surgeon this morning. The biggest issue is his hip, not necessarily his broken pelvis. His hip is out of place where it should be supported by his spine. Right now, nothing is holding his hip in place. So the plan is to use a screw to reattach his hip to his spine. This can be done with a minimally invasive procedure. Once his hip is aligned, the pelvic fracture will heal itself over time. (I am explaining the procedure as best I can. Of course the specialist uses much bigger words, and explained proper protocol.)

The good news is that the vet's surgeon can do the surgery tomorrow! Elf is staying overnight at the vet so he will be ready for surgery first thing in the morning. After surgery, Elf is expected to have a recovery time of about 8 weeks. We will have more updates once Elf's surgery is complete.

The bad news is that the surgery will be anywhere from $2,800.00 to $3,600.00. Add $200.00 for today's consultation, that brings the total to anywhere between $3,000.00 to $3, any follow-up care, of course. (That's after the rescue discount of 10%.)

Thanks to our generous donors who have been very supportive this holiday season, we were able to leave a deposit today of $3,000.00! We are so grateful that we were able to do that without hesitation so we can provide Elf with the best care possible.

Overall, the deposit paid today does leave the rescue hurting for funds to cover the difference that will be due upon pick up on Friday, and for the continued care of the others at our rescue. Sam (Basset Hound / Beagle tripod) will soon need a follow-up visit after his leg amputation. And we have a severely neglected Pittie arriving soon from North Carolina. (Stay tuned for more info on Happy Gilmore.)

Consider making a tax deductible donation to Humphrey House for Homeless Animals to help us continue to provide vet care for the pups in need.

Thank you again for everyone's support. We can't continue saving lives without you! We wish everyone a safe and happy New Year!

Elf is still looking for a quiet home to recover in where he'll spend his golden years being spoiled. Contact us through our Facebook Page to inquire about making your home Elf's furever home.

Humphrey House for Homeless Animals is a small, foster-based rescue located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Click here to donate. Your support helps Humphrey House for Homeless Animals continue to care for emergency cases like Elf.

Visit our Rescue Me page for a list of animals we currently have available for adoption.

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